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A Hummel Report Investigation

Ring in the New...

As we get ready to ring in 2014, The Hummel Report takes a look back at a handful of our investigations that have new information. From a shakeup at East Providence City Hall and the opening of a blocked right of way, to the results of a special recall election and a state employee finally making good on restitution ordered in 2010.


It's hard to believe another year has gone by - but as we go into our fifth year of  The Hummel Report in 2014  important developments on some of our investigation. Including some good news on the three wind turbines in Providence.
We were there a year ago when the Narragansett Bay Commission turbines first began spinning. The commission says the turbines are now providing 42 percent of the energy used by the plant, just about what planners had estimated. During windy months it has been more than 50 percent.
That translates to about a million dollars saved on electricity costs for the first year.
The turbines are still not running at full capacity because of a phased startup. The commission expects to be at full capacity shortly after the new year.
It has taken nearly five years, but a fence blocking a right of way to the water in East Providence has finally come down - despite threats after our story ran to sue us and the people who spoke out against it.
Retired Providence Police Officer Tabitha Glavin bought this house at 61 White Avenue in Riverside in 2009 - within months she had put up two fences, blocking a city-owned right of way to Crescent Beach below her property.
In our story two neighbors said they had complained to the city for years with no action. Glavin, through her lawyer, claimed there was no proof the city owned the land in question, adding that she had a deal to keep the fences up. Her lawyer repeatedly threatened to sue us - and the two neighbors who spoke with us - after our story ran.

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