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A Hummel Report Investigation

Major No-Show

Our four-month undercover investigation finds a Pawtucket Police major spending work days on the golf course or at home,  and collecting thousands of dollars in overtime he assigned to himself.  See what the officer tells Jim Hummel, while Pawtucket’s mayor says the city has already begun its own investigation based on our findings.

Click here to see a copy of the 2002 lawsuit Jim referenced in the report.


With cold weather just around the corner, Bruce Moreau decided to take advantage of an unusually warm day in early October to hit the links at the Lincoln Country Club. Moreau spent the morning at his house just down the road before leaving at 1:30 and teeing off an hour later.
By 6:15 he was ready to call it a day and head home.
Moreau, a major with nearly 30 years on the Pawtucket Police Department, was paid that day a total of $316.47. Not vacation time or a personal day: Instead Moreau was listed on the department roster as working and paid by the taxpayers for eight hours of regular time.
A four-month investigation by The Hummel Report found that Moreau, who oversees the patrol division, spent days at his house, his parents’ house in Pawtucket, or playing golf on various courses miles from headquarters - when he was supposed to be working.
On Friday October 3rd, the major - who assigns himself to overtime details - was paid a total of nine hours of overtime after spending a good chunk of the day at Crestwood Country Club in Rehoboth with his father.
On the last Monday and Tuesday of October, Moreau left the station in the early afternoon and spent the rest of the day at his parents’ house, 10 minutes from headquarters.
Hummel: ``You seem to…have an unusual work schedule, when you come in. Does anybody keep track of your hours?’’
Moreau: ``Chief of Police.’’
Hummel: ``Okay, ‘cause sometimes you roll in now, sometimes you’re a little bit later…’’
Moreau: ``Yeah, I’m in charge of three shifts, I have an alternate work schedule.’’
Hummel: ``Okay. So sometimes you leave early in the afternoon?’’
Moreau: ``Sometimes I leave early, sometimes I come in late. Yes.’’
Hummel: ``And so you’re responsible for your own hours?’’
Moreau: ``Well, I report to the chief of police.’’
Hummel: ``Does he know you’ve been out on the golf course during your work day?’’
Moreau: ``I haven’t been on the golf course during my work day.’’
Hummel: ``You sure about that?’’
Moreau: ``Yes I am.’’

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