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A Hummel Report Investigation

1st Quarter Update

Three months into 2014 brings with it new information on a handful of our investigations. From the fate of the troubled Central Coventry Fire District and an early prison release for a corrupt ex-mayor to an update on nagging computer problems for hundreds of potential subscribers at HealthSourceRI. Jim Hummel has the very latest.


Three months into 2014 we have updates and some final chapters written on several of our investigations. Beginning with troubles in one fire district that we first uncovered nearly two years ago.
After multiple votes by taxpayers to pull the plug on the Central Coventry Fire District - and legal efforts by the union to stop it, the judge overseeing the case has scheduled a liquidation for May.
But it may not be over. Legislation has been filed that may salvage the district in some form and the union is asking for an emergency stay to prevent the liquidation. But that’s a lot of ifs. One this is clear: Central Coventry can’t and won’t continue as it has since it was formed in 2006.
Former Central Falls Mayor Charles Moreau, who went to prison in large part because of our reporting in 2009, got an early prison release in February - but it wasn’t a get out of jail free card by any means.
Moreau admitted to taking gratuities from a contractor doing city business, including a furnace for his house that we first reported on four years ago. But a federal appeals court overturned the law he was charged under in another case.

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