Bryant University's Ties to China

Last month we posted some news on the Chinese Institutes in our universities (see posts below).

Now we learn that Bryant is one of the few that still allow China to have a presence on the campus - but the students are objecting. Bryant University students urge school to reexamine ties with China

And in related news, Bryant’s Machtley was nation’s highest-paid college president in 2017

And in case you have forgotten, Mr. Machtley was our Republican representative in Washington from 1989-95 and resigned following an investigation into corruption at the House Post Office where Machtley wrote 21 bad checks, he was among 117 representatives to do so, all cleared in the scandal.

Here are the reports posted last month.

Just reported,

Study abroad programs with China at University of Rhode Island suspended

URI says they are suspending the program because of Coronavirus,which makes sense. But there is a lot of news lately about American universities cutting ties with China.

Did China infiltrate University of Missouri with propaganda — with our permission?


Florida House to probe Chinese infiltration of state-funded cancer research center

And even closer to home in MA,

Harvard department chair, BU researcher charged with concealing ties to China

And those were just last week.

Remember back in December, WPRI reported, URI ending relationship with controversial Confucius Institute

But this is not new. In 2018 White House Considers Restricting Chinese Researchers Over Espionage Fears

And last year, FBI Urges Universities To Monitor Some Chinese Students And Scholars In The U.S.

Whether its a virus bugs or spy bugs, it looks like China is being systematically asked to leave our universities and research facilities.

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