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Member & Sponsor Benefits

Visitors to the Hummel Report are either Public, Members, or Sponsor. Every member of the public is allowed to view our news reports, and our daily compilations of all news outlets from around RI.  

Members are placed on our mailing list and receive notices when new stories are produced, and when weekly videos can be seen online, and on Rhode Island PBS. Members will receive email notifications when news is posted to the website and can also chat to other members about the stories of the day through our website chat portal.

Sponsors are those who have donated to the organization. In gratitude for that support, we maintain a database of past reports, transcripts of reach report, and behind the scene information, for past stories, in addition to all the normal member benefits.  That's over 300 investigative reports into some of the most powerful political names in Rhode Island.

Being a sponsor of the Hummel Report is a great thing to do if you support journalism and want someone keeping an eye on your politicians.  And its also pretty cool to have access to all of our past stories and behind the scenes information. 

The Hummel Report is a 501 c 3 non-profit corporation and is financed 100% by personal donations.  We do not take ANY taxpayer funded support.  And donations are 100% tax deductible.


So please consider donating today.

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