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Non-Race Based Affirmative Action & More School News And Views

The landscape of college admissions in a post-affirmative action world

Westport school committee investigates teacher after parents report inappropriate story read in class

Dan McKee and Angélica Infante-Green: Investing in our kids will propel RI forward


Elorza: Voters demand school choice for their kids. So why aren't Democrats embracing it?

Sanzi: Schools change student gender on official record without notifying parents

Adult-Teacher/Minority-Student Sex Finally Illegal In RI


Nearly 40% of students at Brown University identify as LGBTQ+


Exploring the evolution of queer studies at Brown

Barrington reaches settlement with teachers fired over COVID vaccine mandate


How much do they make? Rhode Island municipal and school salaries in 2022


Students Opposed To Policy Outing Trans Students to Parents


Dangerous child “trans” activities in Smithfield


Sanzi: A bittersweet time of year


Stanley Kurtz EXPOSES RI Education


DeSantis Vetoes Stealth Protest-Civics Bill That Was Passed In RI


Standardized Tests For Me, But Not For Thee


Sens. Sandra Cano, Jonathon Acosta and Valarie J. Lawson: Universal school lunch is a longtime Senate priority


Families call for special education ombudsman in Rhode Island


URI seeks more state funding to fix up athletic fields


Teamsters ratify contract with Rhode Island School of Design


Sanzi: A bit of wisdom from two grandfathers at a baseball game


Long COVID Initiative at Brown University addresses misinformation


Pfizer Director of Research Spills Virus, Vaccine Secrets


Director Freaks Out After Spilling Virus Secrets


Pfizer Responds to Project Veritas’ Undercover Video


No, Project Veritas Video Doesn’t Prove Pfizer Is Mutating Covid-19


New ‘concerning’ gonorrhea strain detected in Massachusetts

Mayor Brett Smiley discusses Brown payments, housing, public safety at campus talk


Providence self-storage is booming. Some leaders want to ban it


Think more deeply about self-storage bans.


Mayor Smiley and Chief Perez have new strategy to get ATVs off streets


Providence wants to tax nonprofits renting to businesses. How would they do it?


Why has the public been left out of Providence's comprehensive plan


Ethics Commission to investigate former chief of staff over Cumberland property


Brett Smiley fined by Ethics Commission over solicitation of campaign donations


Brett Smiley just raised big money in the race for Providence


Smiley returns some campaign donations tied to state contractors, defends others


Smiley refunds another $3,500 of campaign donations tied to state vendors

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